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2014 dates have been confirmed for workshops on

"The Anatomy of Stress" and "Lymph and Lymphoedema":

The Anatomy of Stress

2014 dates

Full day workshop: Sunday 26th January 2014 at The Place, London  for the Pilates Foundation.

2-hour introduction with focus on upper body (shoulders, neck, jaw): 29th March 2014 at the recentre, London Balham To book contact: http://www.recentre-health.co.uk/workshops-and-events/Anatomy-Stress.html

For more dates contact Kat

Course Details: Please note these are the details for the full day training. The short workshops at the recentre will look at particular areas and are actually long classes but will give a very practical insight into how stress affects these areas and how to work with stress.

Stress is a common complaint in our society affecting many of us and our clients. Many illnesses - including diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, some muscular-skeletal problems, insomnia, even infertility and cancer - have in some way been linked to stress. This workshop explores the anatomy and physiology of stress in a somatic way and translates these insights into strategies we can apply in movement and touch, breath and meditation to return to balance and health.

In this workshop we will explore the effect of stress on the body and its different systems, including hormones, organs and the immune system. This will help us understand the link between stress and the many diseases associated with it. We will specifically focus on the nervous system, in particular the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, the myofascial system and the endocrine system. We will learn how the anatomical insights can help us work effectively with stress and tailor our strategies to the needs of the individual. This will include interventions for particular areas of the body as well as insights into sequencing, rhythm and speed, all of which can signal different states to our nervous system. We will explore how movement, breath and postural work can affect energy levels and moods and explore movement and breath interventions that tend to induce a parasympathetic (relaxed) state and others that can help to energize those suffering from “burn-out” lethargy.

This is a very practical workshop with lots of movement and touch. There will be extensive matwork and standing movement work to explore the anatomy in practice and understand how easy it is to integrate the insights into any class or therapeutic intervention. Ideal for anyone working with movement and touch and other therapists.

 This workshop is based on the insights from Body Mind Centering® somatic movement and draws on Yoga and Pilates moves, breathing and meditation techniques.

Moving Lymph - the lymphatic system and lymphoedema


Saturday 3 May 2013, London Kentish Town

This workshop is designed specifically for those trained in Yoga or Pilates as well as highly trained gym instructors and personal trainers as we know that many of you are now working with the NHS on delivering "moving on" programmes following cancer treatment.

Lymphatic flow problems are common in people suffering from circulatory or mobility problems. Lymphoedema, a chronic swelling, is often associated with - although not limited to - cancer surgery, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer or other surgery. In this workshop, we will look at general as well as more specific movement ideas for managing lymphatic flow problems in the upper and lower limbs as well as more specific ideas for those with lymphoedema.
This workshop gives a detailed introduction to the lymphatic system, its physiology and pathophysiology, that is, factors that might affect the health of this system, such as surgery and scar tissue, tightness in muscles and connective tissue/fascia, diseases that are often associated with lymphatic problems, such as diabetes, for example, and much more. We will also look at the way lymph moves (and is moved) in detail, cover possible contra-indications and will also study the pathways that are opened by lymphatic manual drainage to help move stagnated lymph and will find the equivalent in the way we teach movement.
Pilates and Yoga can be wonderful ways of moving lymph (see article on Pilates Tree or in Spectrum). This workshop refers to both in detail. We will learn specific movements - new as well adaptations to movements we normally teach - and look at how to structure a class as well as develop a course.
The morning session will be a general introduction only with some basic movement ideas. In the afternoon we will add more detail, especially on the pathways and design a class/course.

Morning only £50; All day £80

About Katharina Hesse: Katharina (Kat) is a Pilates teacher and BMC® Somatic Movement Educator and is currently taking the level 4 BWY Yoga teacher training. She has taught dedicated classes for post-surgery rehabilitation, includes this material in her open classes and has designed various workshops and teacher trainings around lymph and scar tissue designed for the general public, MLD practitioners and qualified movement teachers, especially Pilates, Yoga and gym instructors. She has taught movement for rehabilitation for the lymphatic system and scar tissue for the NHS and in open workshops.

Limited places available. To book contact the studio http://kentishtownstudio.com/workshops-courses/?mobile=false&options[ids]=261&options[site_id]=41420 For any other enquiries or to book a workshop for your area contact Kat

Breast Cancer and Lymphoedema, working with scar tissue and the lymphatic system

a training workshop for Yoga, Pilates and Gym instructors


Scheduled late spring/early summer 2014, London King's Cross

This workshop is designed specifically for those trained in Yoga, Pilates and also highly trained gym instructors and personal trainers as we know that many of these are now working with the NHS on delivering "moving on" programmes following cancer treatment.

This workshop will cover how to work safely and imaginatively with scar tissue and the lymphatic system and help physical and emotional recovery. We will look at the different types of surgery and reconstruction, the specific problems associated with them and suggest imaginative ways to adapt your Yoga, Pilates or gym/equipment programme to assist recovery. We will also focus on the lymphatic system and lymphoedema.

This workshop is run jointly by Kara Dressel and Katharina (Kat) Hesse. Kara (Pilates teacher) has personal experience of breast cancer surgery and runs a dedicated breast cancer class for CancerKin at a hospital in London. Kat (Pilates, Yoga and somatics teacher) ran a dedicated breast cancer class for many years in Suffolk, has trained some of the cancer exercise experts for the NHS in Suffolk and was involved with the development of a dedicated dance programme for cancer and lymphoedema patients. Kat loves mindful movement practices, such as Pilates, Yoga and the gym, for physical and emotional recovery.

To book or enquire contact Kat

Other workshop Kat has run in the past but have no set date at present: (please enquire if you are interested)

Inside the Core – Movement from the Organs


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